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Network Highlights by Category

Adhesives and Sealants
$7,210,584 Spend
814 Members

$313,085,362 Spend
1183 Members

Chemicals, Minerals and Resins
$2,261,378,470 Spend
2960 Members

Commercial and Private Vehicles
$462,173,039 Spend
2555 Members

Computer Supplies and Peripherals
$678,439,689 Spend
3009 Members

Consumer Products
$24,074,026 Spend
1253 Members

Domestic and Service Industry
$78,456,323 Spend
1031 Members

Electrical and Power Generation
$971,196,785 Spend
7647 Members

Electronic and Telecommunication
$234,958,020 Spend
2137 Members

Engineering and Consulting Services
$12,234,411,772 Spend
35864 Members

Food and Beverage
$26,583,120 Spend
754 Members

Fuel and Lubricants
$1,134,947,012 Spend
1438 Members

$68,074,853 Spend
4838 Members

Heating and ventilation
$242,013,963 Spend
1971 Members

Laboratory and Medical Equipment
$249,545,481 Spend
4926 Members

Machinery, Tools and Supplies
$632,697,330 Spend
10645 Members

Manufacturing and Fabricated Components
$306,156,061 Spend
1551 Members

Material Handling
$2,404,774,065 Spend
5645 Members

Metals and Metal Products
$893,036,634 Spend
2570 Members

Organizations and Clubs
$109,068,562 Spend
908 Members

Plant & Facility Equipment
$1,444,024,567 Spend
7608 Members

Plastic and Rubbers
$65,429,138 Spend
303 Members

Printing and Publishing
$534,439,302 Spend
2300 Members

Pumps, Compressor and Valves
$972,681,138 Spend
8378 Members

Security and Safety Equipment
$190,825,963 Spend
2531 Members

$10,316,484,672 Spend
53816 Members

Sports and Educational Materials
$41,479,142 Spend
1675 Members

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We selected the Ketera eRFX tool because it is quick to implement, cost effective and drives efficiencies into the sourcing process.  Its portal design streamlines the communication, document traffic and analysis associated with conducting our RFPs.  The entire Ketera package has allowed us to run more events with fewer resources, leading to increased procurement efficiencies. Michael Feeney Vice President, Corporate Procurement for U.S. Bank prev next

We recognized an opportunity to enhance our purchasing process with state–of–the–art technology – without the up–front investment and ongoing resource commitment associated with the implementation of enterprise software. Mitch Plaat VP Contract Services for Con-way prev next

Ketera′s on demand solution is ahead of the competition – we will be able to implement the solution in weeks and we never have to worry about taking the system down to install upgrades or make changes. Steve Kenny Vice President Risk Management and General Services for Columbia Credit Union prev next

From the beginning, Ketera explained everything to us, both from the technical and sales side. They′ve accommodated our needs and have been very helpful and responsive. Michael Kapeles Senior Supply Manager for Cabot Microelectronics prev next

Not only does Ketera provide innovative solutions for spend management, they also offer high quality professional services that let you get the most from their solutions. Working with Ketera is like a breath of fresh air. Nick Walker Procurement Manager for BTP prev next

Ketera's new solution is really an amazing innovation that will revolutionize the purchasing industry. Dian Trosclair VP of Supply Chain Management for ServiceMaster prev next

Using Ketera, we've lowered our costs and improved our compliance with negotiated corporate contracts. By buying on contract, we typically see a ten percent reduction in cost. Jim Cebula Director of Global Purchasing for Kennametal prev next